You've landed here because you're an artist who needs a helping hand. With excellent experience in what sells in the creative world, I'm ideally placed to give you advice on your portfolio and style direction. I not only have represented

countless artists but have worked with countless art buyers, producers and directors giving me a handle on how best to sell your work, how much your work should sell for and how to get the best rate for the work you are being commissioned to create. I'm available to create quotes along with explanations as to how to word your proposal to ensure you are getting the highest possible rate. I also have huge experience in contract reading.

I've worked on everything from major advertising campaigns, to book covers to editorial pieces to Royal Mail stamps. It can

be tricky to navigate through an industry that is fast paced and very competitive, to know which route is the best to go down and if you are being treated fairly. I'm here as an agent for hire to help you! 

I've always enjoyed mentoring artists and am hugely passionate about image-making. I came up with the concept of Create-Zine a few years ago when time and family commitments didn't allow me to represent artists. Together with Alicja McCarthy I realised an economical marketing voice for talented artists who wanted a more cost-effective way to promote their work. Create-Zine issue #6 will be out in 2021 with collation of artwork starting this Autumn!

Want to get in touch to talk about how I can help you? Generally speaking I charge £100 an hour for my time, but

there are exceptions so drop me a line about your creative conundrum and lets start talking!


"I recently contacted Jules to help me with style direction for my portfolio. I found her advice to be thorough and insightful. She wasn’t afraid to be completely honest with where she felt I needed to concentrate on, giving me helpful links and tips regarding how to progress and evolve my work. I’m in the process of an overhaul and now have a clear path as to what I need to achieve to make my folio the best it can be.

More recently I received an enquiry to quote a job that I felt was too intricate to confidently address myself. I contacted Jules to have her assist me pricing it up. I was delighted when I received her proposal for the job, the fee was far higher than I would have quoted. The structure of the quote was clear and involved excellent explanation so that I could confidently breakdown the figures for the client.

I’ve now had Jules prepare proposals twice and both times I’ve won the work. Her advice regarding Terms and Conditions of Business, in particular severance fees, protecting my copyright and other hazards has been invaluable for every project I’ve undertaken since. I’ve recommended Jules to Illustrator friends of mine, she is professional and nice to deal with - even when asking questions after office hours!" Dan Leydon