I'm Jules, a freelance Illustration Agent and co-founder of Create-Zine. I've spent my career as Senior Agent at CIA and running my own agency. Having a family had me step away from full-time agenting but realising Create-Zine, a cost-effective marketing zine for artists to promote their talent without breaking the bank.

How about you? What's your story? Need a free-lance agent? Are you an artist who needs a helping hand? Click on the links, get in touch and lets start talking!


Hi there! 

If you don't know about me already I spent nearly ten years working at world renowned London based illustration agency CIA, most of this time as Senior Agent. I then ran my own agency for two years, but had to wrap it up earlier than expected to commit to my family. During this time I came up with the concept of Create-Zine and together with Alicja McCarthy realised an economical marketing voice for talented artists who wanted a more cost-effective way to promote their work. Whilst away from agenting, Create-Zine fed my soul and allowed me to have a creative outlet. You will see some spreads taken from various issues on this page. Create-Zine issue #6 will be out in 2021 with collation of artwork starting this Autumn!

I have decided I'd like to start getting back to my first love of agenting this year, so, if you are looking for someone to dip into your agency who has an abundance of experience please drop me a line!